Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReStore for Dolphin?

ReStore for Dolphin is a framework for Dolphin Smalltalk that allows the storage and retrieval of objects in any ODBC-compliant SQL Relational Database - such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. ReStore handles all interaction with the database, allowing Dolphin applications to lever the power of Relational Databases, whilst using standard Smalltalk code. 


Doesn't Dolphin's Database Connection package do this already?

You can use the Database Connection classes to access relational databases from Dolphin (in fact, ReStore makes use of these classes for low-level database interaction). However, using Database Connection alone involves writing SQL queries and instructions directly into your Dolphin code whenever you need to access the database. With ReStore, these are all generated transparently and automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on developing your Dolphin Smalltalk applications.


Do I need to know SQL?

No. One of the main design goals of ReStore was to allow the Smalltalk programmer to use relational storage without needing any relational database skills, such as SQL. With ReStore, you write regular Smalltalk code - ReStore will automatically generate SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE queries as required. It will even handle the creation and maintenance of your database tables.


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