Issues Resolved in v1.20

Issue Resolution
Occassional problems with messages sent to objects during commit (usually from the UI) Transactions and persistent object message-sends now guarded by a Mutex
Incorrect SQL format used for TimeStamp objects Fixed
isKindOf: incorrectly optimised for objects in a persistent hierarchy  Fixed
Persistent ListModels do not trigger #listChanged following a rollbackTransaction Fixed - all persistent objects now receive onRollback if they are the subject of a rollback
ReStore has Dolphin MVP package as a prerequisite - typically not required for non-GUI apps All ReStore user interface methods/classes moved to new ReStore MVP package
Generated aliases for table and field names can exceed maximum size permitted by database New, more terse, aliasing strategy introduced
ReStore does not support classes which generate table names exceeding the maximum size permitted by database Automatic short name generation implemented for tables with oversize names
ReStore does not support instance variables which generate field names exceeding the maximum size permitted by database New abbreviation facility introduced - ReStore notifies when a shorter name is required
Persistent objects not added to transaction if first message send returns to an earlier context Fixed
ReStore does not drop cached prepared statements following image exit/restart Fixed - ReStore now responds to the system notification onStartup


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