Developers Manual 1.20

2. Persistency

You have successfully completed your class specifications, connected ReStore, and constructed your tables. 

You are now ready to begin using ReStore for real - creating and working with persistent objects. 


When developing with ReStore, it can sometimes be useful (or just plain interesting!) to find out what is going on 'behind the scenes'. If you have a basic familiarity with SQL (the language in which ReStore talks to your database) then you can elect to have all SQL issued by ReStore sent to the Transcript or a FileStream (or any object that responds to a Stream protocol). Examples:

"Log all SQL to the Transcript"
aReStore debugTo: Transcript

"Log all SQL to a File"
file := FileStream write: 'c:\temp\sql.txt'.
aReStore debugTo: file.

"Turn off SQL logging"
aReStore debugTo: nil


2. Persistency

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