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What is Tools+ ?
Tools+ is a suite of additions to the Dolphin XP programming environment designed to make your development easier, faster and more rewarding. Enhancements include:
  • method spies - a sophisticated 'breakpoints' implementation
  • 'spell check' - references to unimplemented methods are automatically highlighted, with suggest and implement functions
  • multi-select method lists for drag/drop, delete etc. many other enhancements - please browse the documentation for further details.


NEW: Dolphin XP Patch Level 2
If you are a Tools+ user and have recently upgraded to Dolphin XP Patch Level 2 (or above), there is a complementary small patch for Tools+. Simply install into your image after installing the main Tools+ packages. 

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Tools+ is available now for $49.95. Or, if you are a customer of our ReStore product you are automatically eligible for the discounted purchase price of $29.95 (please email for further details).

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We're convinced that once you try Tools+ you won't want to develop without it, so we'd like to invite you to try Tools+ free for 1 month. 

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