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EditableListView is an enhancement to the standard Dolphin Smalltalk ListView widget class, which provides  in-place editing of values in any cell. Values can be edited with either a standard text editor, a formatted text editor (principally for dates), drop down list or check box. 

In addition, EditableListView provides an easy way to specify the colour of items on a per-cell or per-row basis.

Using EditableListView
Creating a window or view with a EditableListView is straightforward. Simply select the Editable list view resource from the ListPresenter class, then add columns as normal. Each column has additional aspects to specify the type of editor (editor), and to update the row object with a changed value (setContentsBlock). For further details, see the EditableListViewDemo class.

Current Version
The current version of EditableListView is 1.10. New features (compared to 1.00) are

  • specify the row height with new rowHeight attribute
  • use MultilineTextEdit as an embedded widget
  • enable/disable individual cells with isEditableBlock: column attribute  

All features are demonstrated in the demo views.


Download EditableListView
EditableListView is available for free download here. To use, simply unzip to your working directory and install the SSW EditableListView Demo package. Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions (below).


NEW: ListView Scrolling Fix
Under Windows XP, the underlying ListView control suffers from corruption when scrolling. Dolphin contains a fix for this which involves redrawing the entire control at the end of a scroll operation - however this leads to a certain amount of "flashing". An alternative fix which avoids this problem can be downloaded here.  


Support EditableListView
If you find EditableListView useful in your application, please let us know - all feedback is welcome. 

If you would like to support further development of this and other goodies, please take a look at our commercial products:

Terms & Conditions
EditableListView ("the software") is provided freely  - you may use or modify the software as you desire. In particular, you may include the software in commercial or non-commercial applications you develop. However if you redistribute the software with its source code, you may not charge for it. All copyright in the software resides with Solutions Software Ltd. 

Use at your own risk: no warranty is provided as to the suitability of the software for any particular task, and no responsibility is assumed by the authors for any loss or damage that may result from its use.

By downloading the software, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms & conditions.

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